Archipelago Cruises

m/s TIIRA - Departures from the Inner Port of Vaasa from June 25th until August 14th, 2022

SCHEDULE June 25 to June 26 Midsummer
Departure In Kuusisaari Return
Sat June 2513:00 14:15-15:30 16:05
16:30 17:45-19:00 19:35
Sun June 2613:00 14:15-15:30 16:05

SCHEDULE June 28 to June 30
Departure In Kuusisaari Return
Tue-Thu12:00 13:15-14:30 15:05

SCHEDULE July 1 to July 31
Departure In Kuusisaari Return
Mon12:00 13:15-14:30 15:05
Tue-Thu12:00 13:15-14:30 15:05
15:30 16:45-18:00 18:35
Fri12:00 13:15-14:30 15:05
Sat12:00 13:15-14:30 15:05
15:30 16:45-18:00 18:35
Sun12:00 13:15-14:30 15:05

SCHEDULE August 2 to August 14
Departure In Kuusisaari Return
Tue-Sun12:00 13:15-14:30 15:05

Departures from the inner port of Vaasa (next to Kuntsi art museum):
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FARES: Adults 18,00€, pensioners 16,00€, children under 12 years 10,00€

During the cruise there will be a full one hour stop on the Island of Kuusisaari, where it is possible to enjoy a meal in Restaurant Janne´s Saloon. Total trip time 3 hours and 5 minutes.

We can take up to 60 passengers. If there are less than 10 passengers the trip will be cancelled. Unfortunately we can not take reservations.

We reseserve the right to make changes.

Merenkurkun Maailmanperintö

Chartered Cruises

We can make chartered cruses according to your wishes. Short cruises can be made in the Vaasa region or longer cruises e.g. to Mikkelinsaaret.


M/S Tiira

M/S Tiira was built 1989 in Kuopio as a trolar. In 1996 M/S she was converted for cruising. The length of the boat is 15 meters ja the width is 4 meters. There is room for 60 passengers. For the longer cruises we accept a maximum of 40 persons. There are two salons and a lavatory onboard.

M/S Tuulia

M/S Tuulia was built in Vaasa. The length of the boat is 10,5 meters and the width is 3,4 meters. There is room for 18 passengers. For the longer cruises we accept a maximum of 16 persons. There is a salon, pentry and lavatory onboard. | tel: 050-553 1236